Monday, October 3, 2016

5 Ways to become rich with Bitconnect

So what exactly is bit connect?

Bit Connect is actually an open-source platform for bitcoin and other crypto currency users to buy, sell and earn bit coins directly to other trusted community members.
Other than the services mentioned above, bit connect also gives us the most recent bitcoin information and news on crypto currencies like bitcoin, and its technology. It also covers most popular headlines on bitcoin technologies, companies, prices and trends in bitcoin and digital currency world. Bit connect was not developed to be a financial institution nor a company but to operate as a collective.
Now, you must be having a question that how does this bit connect system work? I had the same question& and I found the answer to that.

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The Bitconnect’s  repute system is based on two components:

Transaction feedback: Bit connect utilizes a feedback system that presents a score on your public profile with a percentage. All Bit connect members get a feedback score for each finished transaction. The feedback can be one of three options: Positive, Negative or Neutral. Neutral feedback does no effect to the percentage score.
Public profile: Bit connect allows members to strengthen their reputation by validating identity and address proof. In addition, you can validate already existing online reputation by validating online accounts, such as face book , twitter , Google plus, and PayPal.
Now that we know about the bit connect system. But still, the question remains that how is Bit connect connected to Bitcoin? How does this Bitcoin exchange work with Bit connect?
As I already mentioned above, provides peer-to-peer bitcoin transfer platform where bit connect members can sell-buy bit coins to and from other trusted community members directly. In case of a disagreement, the Bit connect security service will take action as the arbitrator to decide who should finally receive the bitcoin.

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How does the fee system work?

Bit connect is currently being offered free of cost, except for in the case of bitcoin transfer and product selling. In these cases bit connect shares in the revenue with the community members. Keep in mind that bit connect will think of charging fees in the near future, both as a way to support the Bit connect platform and as security against Sybil attacks.
So, now all the basic functionality of the system has been discussed. Still the detailed information about Bit connect is yet to be understood. Some more things are mentioned below for a better understanding of the Bit connects.

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Do user require to reveal their identity?

No. Bit connect members can select whether to reveal their real name on the public profile or remain known by their nickname(username).  If you wish to use your nickname and validate your identity with bit connect system, that would be more suitable. When you stay behind your Bit connect activity with a nickname, Bit connect ‘s community is more accountable overall.

There is also a bonus referral program in Bit connect.

As a way to spread the word, and help grow their community, and offer the user a great way to earn free Bit coins, they are now offering a profitable bonus program which enables user to earn bitcoin for every new user who signs up and lend bit coins to Bitconnect's lending platform using the user's associated link.
BitConnect’s referral program is planned to give an unlimited depth of earning potential to the user based on the number of lenders. User can earn a commission every time their referral lends bit coin on their platform.
I myself really think that bit connect is an awesome platform for crypto currency users. I suggest y'all to register on it today itself by going on this webpage. If there are more questions you can read about the complete detailed information about Bit connect on

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Do you know something more exciting?

There are many companies who accepts bit coins. Few names below:
  • Name cheap
  • Word Press
  • Many nonprofits accept bitcoin donation
  • Bit pay (= simple interface for merchants)
  • net (order anything with bit coins)

And What’s More Interesting Is !!!

Bit connect is coming up with E commerce Shopping Platform where you can use this digital money to shop online and spend money without any tension because its bit coin
Also, Here is the Good news Bit connect is coming up with crypto currency within short period of time so stay connected. Shop, Earn and Enjoy.
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